Make Your Own Water Filter

You can turn muddy water into clear water by putting it through a number of layers that filter out the impurities. this is similar to the first step that our tap water goes through at a treatment station.

What You Need:

What To Do:

  1. Cut the bottom off the pop bottle. Poke a hole in the bottle's lid, just large enough to fit the straw. Put the straw through the hole. Turn the bottle upside down and rest it in the mouth of the jar.
  2. In the bottle, place a layer of cotton batting followed by layers of fine-grain sand, large-grain sand, small gravel and large gravel. Cut the coffee filter so it fits across the top of the bottle and place it on top of the gravel.
  3. Pour muddy water into the open end of the bottle and let the water seep down through the filter layers.

It is strongly recomended that you still add 4-8 drops of chlorine to every gallon of water filtered just to make sure the water is purified.