Solar Water Still Plans

Figure 1:
Brackish water, or organic matter is carefully placed inside solar still via an inlet near the base of the still.
As sunlight warms the black silicone bottom and heat is transferred to the water,
the top of the water evaporates on to the inside of the glass cover, which is tilted toward the fresh water drain.
approximately 8 square feet (of glass cover) will distill around
1 gallon of water per day, over five hours of full sunlight.

Figure 2
Find most of the parts in a hardware store. Professional solar stills are generally made of
glass over formed sheet metal. But the base can be made of anything that will hold up outdoors.
The most important elements of the design are the sealing of the base with black, high temperature silicone rubber;
(spread it on with a Bondo squeegie) and creating a good seal between the glass cover and
the bottom of the box.