Hand Pump Parts List

Legend for pump drawing:

A. 5/8" or larger garden hose (inside diameter)
B. 3/4" NPT to garden hose adapter
C. Open eye hook, washers and nuts
D. Well cap
E. 1/2" thick nylon cord
F. 3/4" PVC schedule 40 to 3/4" NPT adapter
G. 1/2" carriage bolts, washers and nuts
H. 1-1/2" inside diameter PVC schedule 40 collar
J. Electric power pump wiring
K. 3/4" inside diameter PVC schedule 40 pipe collar
L. 3/4" inside diameter PVC schedule 40 pipe section
M. Electric power pump feed line
O. 1-1/2" inside diameter PVC schedule 40 pipe
P. 1/2" holes in 1-1/2" PVC pipe sleeve
Q. 1/8" diameter weep hole
R. 3/4" foot valve
S. 1-1/2" PVC schedule 40 pipe cap
T. Metal well casing

: The letters above reference the drawing of the pump on the preceeding page. For the pipe, adapters, etc you are using, make sure all parts are made with the same thread count.

Other Items Needed

PVC solvent
PVC glue
Pipe tape or compound
Drill bits for weep hole
Eye hook hole
Sleeve bolt holes
Crescent wrenches
Pipe wrenches
Allen wrench for well caps

These parts are for this model only. You can vary the parts and adapters. The only thing necessary for a working pump is a foot valve, a weep hole (cold climates), a stiff hollow shaft above the foot valve and a hose or side pipe discharge for the water as it comes out.

Power outages are becoming more common due to storms, aging transmission grids, accidents and criminal acts. This hand pump can help citizens maintain a potable water supply. The more self-sufficient citizens are in having water, food, medicine, medical supplies and other basic needs, the less likely they will overload the local emergency services agencies in a power outage or other widespread emergency.

Please copy this document and distribute it to your local community via school activities, churches, civic clubs or local businesses.

Buy the parts and build a pump now. The parts are already scarce due to low inventory stock management practices in stores.

In such an emergency, the fate of yourself, you family and your community is in your hands. Will you be prepared to survive it?

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