Emergency Preparedness Checklist

Basic Food ( one year supply)

checkbox Fruit & Vegetables - 370 lbs per person
        (Dried fruits & Vegetables can reduce the weight to about 90 lbs per person)

checkbox Grains (Wheat, Rice, Corn, other Cereal Grains) - 300 lbs per person

checkbox Nonfat Dry Milk - 75 lbs per person

checkbox Dried Legumes - 60 lbs per person

checkbox Sugar or Honey - 60 lbs per person

checkbox Salt - 5 lbs per person

checkbox Fat or Oil - 20 lbs per person

Optional Food ( one year supply)

checkbox Comfort/stress foods (cookies, candy, breakfast cereals, soda pop, instant coffee,            tea bags, cocoa, etc.)

checkbox Dried spices (choose the spices your family likes)

checkbox Juices (canned or powdered, kool-aid)

checkbox Vitamins

checkbox Baking powder

checkbox Bouillon (beef & chicken)

checkbox Pasta (spaghetti, macaroni, lasagna, etc)

Basic & Optional Supplies

checkbox Cooking & Eating Utensils (pots, pans, plates, cups, forks, spoons, knives, etc.)

checkbox Can Opener ( no electricity required)

checkbox Flashlights with Extra Batteries

checkbox Swiss Army Knife

checkbox Multi-Purpose Tool Box

checkbox Matches & Lighters (some waterproof/windproof)

checkbox Candles and Oil Lamps

checkbox Chemical Light Sticks

checkbox Fire Extinguisher

checkbox Rope

checkbox Aluminum Foil

checkbox Plastic Buckets (plenty of extra buckets on hand)

checkbox Sewing Kit (needles, thread, scissors, etc)

checkbox Smoke Alarms (Extra Batteries)

checkbox Shut off Wrenches (Water, Gas, etc.)

checkbox Baby Supplies (bottles, bottle liners, wipes, diapers, ointments, etc.)

checkbox Rolls of Plastic Sheeting (solar stills, shelter, roof leak repair, many uses)

checkbox Toilet Paper

checkbox Hygiene Supplies (toothpaste & brushes, floss, deodorant, razors, shave cream,           hydrogen peroxide, shampoo, etc.)

checkbox Feminine Hygiene Supplies (may want to consider the Keeper)

checkbox Cleaning Supplies (soap, detergents, disinfectants, chlorine bleach, garbage            bags)

checkbox Extra Personal Items (contacts & solution, eyeglasses, dentures, retainers,

checkbox Pet supplies (food, litter, vaccines, etc.)


checkbox CB Radio/walkie-talkies

checkbox Radio Frequency Scanners

checkbox AM/FM radio with  weather band (battery Operated)
         (High powered reception)(Plenty of extra Batteries)

First Aid Kit

checkbox syrup of ipecac
checkbox Band-Aids - assorted sizes
checkbox nylon or paper tape
checkbox butterfly bandages (3 - make with 1 " adhesive tape)
checkbox adhesive tape - 1" wide
checkbox gauze - 2" wide
checkbox cotton - tipped swabs
checkbox telfa sterile pads (4)
checkbox gauze sterile pads 4"x4" (10)
checkbox sterile eye pads (2)
checkbox magnifying glass (remove splinters ~ dirt in eyes)
checkbox tweezers
checkbox flashlight (light outage ~ check pupils)
checkbox needle (remove splinters)
checkbox antibacterial ointment (bacitracin ingredient)
checkbox sharp, blunt end scissors
checkbox ammonia inhalant (fainting)
checkbox calamine lotion (insect bites, poison iv)1
checkbox children's aspirin & liquid acetaminophen - only as directed by a physician
checkbox petroleum jelly (helps prevent nosebleeds, lubricate thermometer)
checkbox hydrogen peroxide (cleans wounds after initial cleansing, keep away from eyes)
checkbox iodized salt (heat exhaustion, ltsp. Salt in qt. Water)
checkbox plastic drinking cups
checkbox ace bandage (3" wide)
checkbox safety pins
checkbox thermometer (rectal for under 4 years of age)
checkbox large clean cloth (to restrain child or for burns)
checkbox tape measure (length of wounds)
checkbox rubbing alcohol (remove ticks)
checkbox bar soap, non-perfumed
checkbox insect kit (if history of severe allergies)
checkbox baking soda (soothes insect bites)


checkbox Special Equipment (if anyone has special equipment needs gear up)

checkbox Special Conditions (if anyone has special conditions gear up on supplies)

checkbox Prescriptions (see if your Doctor will write up extra prescriptions?)


checkbox Cash (one month supply)

Power & Heat

checkbox Batteries - (plenty of extra batteries for everything you can think of)

checkbox Generator & Fuel

checkbox Wood Burning Stove

checkbox Kerosene Heaters

checkbox Warming Pads for hand/body

checkbox Other Alternate Heat Sources (battery powered carbon monoxide detector)

checkbox Extra blankets & sleeping bags and winter clothing

checkbox Dogs are a good heat source


checkbox Water Storage Containers (1,5,55 gallon etc.)

checkbox Water Filters / Purification Systems

checkbox Water Purification Tablets

checkbox Bleach for Water Purification

checkbox Solar Water Stills


checkbox Anything else you can think of that you might need or want!