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Emergency?    Y2K?   No electricity?  No kitchen stove?
One Volcano All Purpose Outdoor Cook Stove and a good supply of charcoal briquettes are all you need.  (300 lbs of briquettes will last a family of 6 for 12 months)   Since the Volcano Cook Stove is so efficient, it makes a great addition to your family's emergency preparedness needs.  In addition, charcoal briquettes can be safely stored for long periods and do not pose a serious threat like gas/propane powered stoves.

Nearly 50,000 satisfied Volcano customers!

Volcano Cook Stove

    "Cook it on a Volcano - it'll cook anything!"

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Price List




1. The Volcano is patented and manufactured in Salt Lake City, Utah.

2. Weighs 18 lbs.

3. Comes fully assembled.

4. Construction is of highest quality 18-20 gauge cold-rolled steel.

5. Outer cone and bottom panel are painted on both sides. Finish is baked magnetic powder coat. It is very difficult to scratch, mar or stain.

6. The Volcano is equipped with a very efficient draft system which allows temperature control, and used as instructed can safely be used on a table top, tablecloth, or wood deck as the exterior and bottom generates very little heat. Because of its unique design, it is almost impossible to tip over.

7. The Volcano is extremely efficient because of its unique design and draft systems. 12 briquettes will give you 2 hours cooking time (4# whole chicken will cook in 50 minutes) when draft is properly used.

8. 10" to 17" Dutch ovens can be used on the Volcano. Dutch ovens are commonly stacked 3 to 4 high.

9. Any size wok, frying pan or griddle can be used to on the Volcano. Perfect for camping, fishing, hunting, boating or any other outdoor cooking.

10. 12, 16, or 18 quart stock pots fit perfectly in the Volcano for boiling water, corn on the cob, soup, stew, clams, etc.

11. The Volcano stove comes equipped with a top grill for barbecuing steaks, chickens, hamburgers, hot dogs, etc. and bottom grill for holding briquettes.

12. In a survival situation, 25# of briquettes will cook 2 meals a day for 2 weeks in a 12" (6 quart) Dutch oven for up to 12 people.

13. To clean the Volcano, never take it apart or wash it. Just remove the top and bottom grill, close the draft, hold firmly, turn it upside down and shake out the ashes (make sure the coals are burnt out or remove the hot coals from stove and either put in water or bury). Wipe exterior with a damp cloth.

14. Baking cobblers, rolls, upside down cake, etc. can be done without fear of burning when instructions are followed. Deep frying in a Dutch oven is easily done.

15. Available in 2 colors: Copper and Grey, at the same price. (Depending on availability with Y2K crisis heating up)

16. Comes with instruction pamphlet - PLEASE READ IT.

17. By following starting instructions in pamphlet briquettes can be started and ready for cooking in 4 to 5 minutes.

18. Volcano is equipped with carrying bail making it easily portable.

19. The Volcano warranty has been extended from 3 to 10 years.

20. The Volcano is also excellent for curing cast iron cookware.

21. Accessory Kit also available to enhance your Volcano stove.