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You now need to be more careful then ever before!! Because of the near panic buying that took place because of Y2K predictions, everybody and their dog was throwing any kind of sub grade food they could find into a can and calling it "food storage". Much of the food now being obtained has been grown in foreign soil treated with DDT and other pesticides which are outlawed in this country, or fertilized with "black water" (sewage)! The foods were overheated in the dehydration process and packaged in cans that leak because they were using sub standard canning equipment, and yet even now they are still being touted as high quality foods with a 10-15 year shelf life. We often hear vendors claiming that one dry can of carrots is the same as any other can of dry carrots and in the same breath proclaiming that cost is the only factor to consider in your buying decision.

With everyone barking out claims right and left, you're stuck trying to decide what the truth really is. Do I get the package in which more weight is claimed? Do I get the package in which more calories are being claimed? What about the package that supposedly has more cans?

Here's what some of the vendors are now doing.

You want lots of calories? No problem, they'll put together abundant quantities of wheat, beans, rice and ad few buckets of sugar and other empty calorie items with high calorie counts.

You want your package to weigh more? After all, more is better right? Well, not necessarily. Those who are unaware are told to compare the number of pounds in one package to the pounds in another. Many of the cheaper grade foods are not dried very well and still have a high percentage of moisture remaining in them thus they weigh more. Consequently they also take up more space so you get less food even though the can might weigh more. Add a lot of heavy wheat, beans and other grains to the equation and you have an impressive package in pounds, but quite possibly much less food.

You want lots of cans? With all the smoke and mirrors being used to create the illusion of a package loaded with tons of food items by showing you lots of cans and cases, trying to count and compare numbers can be very misleading. Fill up a bunch of cans with wheat, rice and beans and lots of other low cost foods and you have a great big package with lots of cans and cases for the astonishing low price of "only $499.95". This also leaves you with a very easy menu selections. Scrambled gluten for breakfast. For lunch a great big gluten burger between two slices of fabulous wheat bread with a tall glass of sugar water to wash it down and dinner... well, I think you get the point. Oh yes, absolutely, you'll get your 2000+ calories a day.

With all the deceit and distortions being advocated by unscrupulous characters, many families are making decisions that will not just be a little upsetting, these decisions could potentially be LIFE THREATENING!

We believe that a proper food storage package will provide 2000+ "real food" calories per day. It must provide the adequate daily servings of fruit, vegetable and protein sources. It should also provide you with stored foods that have excellent enzyme retention. Don’t you bet your family's lives that they can survive for a year on just 6 months of food.

With all the "new" companies that came into existence, who were trying to take advantage of the near panic buying that was taking place because of Y2K. Over 50% of the companies were less than 3 years old, and another 35% were less than 1 year old. These companies had little or no experience in the business, and had unbelievably poor connections with food manufacturers. Some of their "facilities" were startlingly small. Many of them set up a rough-and-ready "cannery" in their garage or some empty storage building. They then purchased unsophisticated canning machinery, hired a few minimum wage school kids to do the work, and like magic---they were in business. How can that possibly work in your favor? Please don't buy substandard foods just because a company is unloading all their food at rock bottom prices.


What kind of food contracts, and connections do you really believe they had??

At what level of sophistication was their "new" operation???

How much assurance do you have that the food was of good quality????

Do you think the company will be around if you have a problem (many have already gone under)?????

How well do you believe it was canned??????

How long do you think it will still store???????

How long will it really feed your family????????

How healthy will all of you be using that food????????

Ask yourself these questions

Ah, You Feel You Have To Say You Don't Know, Isn't That Right?? Well Don't Worry If You Failed The Little Pop Quiz. You See, THEY DON'T KNOW EITHER?? They Haven't Been Around Long Enough To Know. Just Ask Them, You'll Find Out How Little They Know About The Products They Sell!!

Take Notice:Are consumers really that foolish??? Do they really believe there are no differences between foods, and canning ability??? Haven’t we all noticed differences in the quality of other goods and services??? Well then, why not in long term storage foods as well???

Perma Pak® has been in the food storage business since 1953. They can the finest quality low moisture foods available---PERIOD! They have been around long enough to know what works and what doesn't. You can trust your family’s welfare to Perma Pak® foods.

One more point. Long term storage requires the elimination of the oxygen from the can. Food will NOT store well in an oxygen environment. We eliminate over 99% of the oxygen from our cans. Very few of our competitors have ever been able to match that record. Much more oxygen then 1%, and you won’t be able to count on the food lasting as long as you may need it to last. Ours will be there when you need it. One of our distributors regularly says our foods store for 20+ years. While it is true that I have personally tasted some of Perma Pak’s® foods that were that old, which were fine, we normally suggest customers rotate their food around the 15 year mark, preferring to be on the conservative side. Much of the food's storage life will depend on your storing it in as cool a place as possible.

I will say emphatically to you, that I believe Perma Pak's® low moisture foods has no equal. My partner and I have been associated with Perma Pak® for 11 years now, and have never found any other food to meet Perma Pak's® quality.

If you have any questions, please email me. We will be happy to answer your questions honestly, without pulling any strings.


 (1) Where is your food canned? Look for a color brochure of their facility.
(This effort will reveal whether they are state of the art, OR NOT.)
(2) How long has your company been in business? How long have you personally been selling food? (A short time will indicate a lack of experience.)

(3) How is your food canned? (If they are not vacuum and nitrogen packed, but just have an oxygen absorber, they are not canned in the best way available.)

 (4) How big is your company? Are there any public records about them? Are they publicly traded on the stock exchange? (The more you can learn about the company, the better.) (5) Do you have a quality control department? If so, how well is it staffed, and how often is food rejected? (Ask about their guarantees.)

(6) How much of your food do you dehydrate as a company, and how much is from other sources?

Click Here To See Our Answers!

A reputable company should be able to supply most, if not all of the answers to these questions. If they can’t, THAT IS A MAJOR RED FLAG. DON’T DO ANY BUSINESS WITH THEM. YOU'LL BE TAKING AN UNNECESSARY RISK---ONE THAT MAY LEAVE YOU WITHOUT ANY MONEY OR FOOD. Instead, give us a call, we'll be happy to answer your questions, and help you with whatever you need.Authorized Perma Pak® Distributors.

Sven Kelling Owner, Emergency Food Storage Solutions



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