Top Ten Reasons To Secure Food NOW

1. INSURANCE: We insure the things that have value to us, and we wouldn't want to do without! How important is food? Try going without it for just a few days and see if it has as much value to you as your home, car, etc. Maybe you'll find it has even more value?

2. WEATHER & EARTH CHANGES: Have you noticed any changes in the weather? Good, I'm glad you've noticed. Earthquakes, Floods, Tornados, Hurricanes, all kinds of disasters in ever increasing magnitude. If this isn't a sign of the times, what is?

3. ECONOMIC PROBLEMS: We live in a time where a great majority live beyond their means. It's not surprising since our own government has set such a poor example! How is it that our country is not bankrupt, do you know? We are now over $5.5 trillion dollars in dept and we do not earn near what we need to repay our debts. Now we can't know about your household, but if most households were being run like the government, most would have been out on the street long ago. How long can this continue?

4. STORE BOUGHT FOOD: How much food do you think your local grocer has on hand in the event of an emergency? Do you think it would last a day, two, maybe three? That's about it.

5. TAINTED FOOD SUPPLY: Remember the "NAFTA" agreement? Now food can be grown in other countries where they use pesticides and other chemicals which have been outlawed in our country. Problem is; because of the NAFTA agreement we can't know where these foods in our stores come from, and whether or not they contain contaminants we don't want to be using. This could become a much more serious problem soon because of the weather problems we've been having in our own country.

6. WARS & RUMORS OF WARS: No need to elaborate.

7. JOB SECURITY: Seems as though job loss in this country is running rampant. Every day more and more companies are letting people go without warning. Is your job as secure as you think?

8. PROPHESY: We have been warned and forwarned since ancient times. When will we listen?

9. WISDOM: A wise man once said "It is better to be ten years too early then one day too late". Will we be ready when the time comes? It will come!

10. BECAUSE YOU LOVE YOUR FAMILY: It's up to you to be prepared! Don't let your little ones down. They are dependant on your decision to prepare. If you don't they will suffer too. Could you live with yourself if your family went hungry because you failed to listen, or needed that car, boat, etc. more then Food Storage?

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