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Vacu-Dry buildingsQuality. Be assured of top quality low moisture foods. Our foods undergo a series of very rigorous tests. These tests evaluate moisture content, quality, proper maturity of the product, contaminants such as leaves, stems dirt or bugs. In addition, a two-step metal detection process is employed to ensure that no metal, magnetic or nonmagnetic, is canned with your product. In one year alone over 12 truckloads of products have been returned to suppliers because of their inferior condition.


"state-of-the-art"  DehydrationThe canning process. Our canning process is both unique and "state-of-the-art." Our food storage is canned utilizing both "air evacuation with nitrogen insertion" and the insertion of "Oxygen Absorbing Packs". This double method process insures the very best storage condition in the entire industry. Ours is the only food storage using both methods.


Lab TechnicianQuality control technicians have devised a special method whereby standard leakage out of cans has been eliminated. All of this is very important because it helps guarantee that the vitamins in your food product will remain more stable. Tests are frequently made to ensure that the canning process is working effectively.


Control RoomCommitment. The state-of-the-art canning process and professional team of quality control technicians demonstrates our commitment to quality. Because of these people, we can guarantee that our packaged merchandise is canned under the strictest quality guidelines.



Security and Peace of mind...our bottom line!Service. We have been helping families secure their food storage for nearly two decades. Hundreds of companies have come and gone since that time. We are very much aware of the quality available in the food storage industry, and we are not limited to any one supplier. Because of this, and our firsthand awareness of all food storage sources, we only select the ones we trust based on our stringent requirements. This guarantees us the ability to secure the best possible products for you and your family.




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